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Philips Respironics OptiChamber Diamond Anti-static Chamber with Mask  (5 Years  - Adult )


Philips Respironics OptiChamber Diamond anti-static valved with mask for use with metered dose inhalers.


Reasons why OptiChamber Diamond is a cut above the rest:
• Clear anti-static material suspends the aerosol longer, meaning you have more time to inhale your medication
• Flexible pMDI adapter - fits all metered dose inhalers
• Low resistance valves allow you to breathe easily through the chamber
• High flow whistle to aid proper inhalation technique
• Stepped mouthpiece for children and adults - better accommodates smaller mouths and helps children more easily graduate from mask to mouthpiece
• Flat bottom maintains stability and prevents rolling when not in use
• Easily disassembled and cleaned with warm water and mild liquid detergent
• Detachable LiteTouch facemask with soft-seal technology for a tight seal to reduce leakage yet rest gently on the face.


OptiChamber Diamond
Spacer and holding chamber
The OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber is smaller than most conventional chambers. OptiChamber Diamond's intuitive design enhances medication delivery and compliance for patients of all ages, at home or in the hospital.

Philips Respironics Optichamber Diamond With Mask (5 Years -Adult)

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